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AASI Certification Standards

AASI Standards are based on knowledge and application of information gained from the AASI manual, books of the further reading section and more importantly, riding and experience teaching snowboarding. The specific depth of understanding is described for each certification level. The breadth of understanding and riding proficiency is represented by percentages on the Y-Model.

AASI Certification Standards (.pdf)

Level 1 Certified members:
Perform and demonstrate comprehension of AASI concepts. Explain, illustrate, describe and expand on using his/her own words. Grasp meaning and intent, measure, interpret and summarize.

Level 2 Certified members:
Perform and demonstrate the application of AASI concepts. Find and construct appropriate solutions. Collect information, solve problems and use abstractions. Apply learning to new situations.

Level 3 Certified Members:
Perform and demonstrate the analysis of AASI concepts. Detect and develop relationships between component parts and the whole. Organize, distinguish, differentiate, determine, debate, generalize and conclude.

AASI trainers and education staff:
Judge and evaluate AASI concepts, procedures and goals. Compare, contrast, decide, conclude, appraise and develop criteria.